Discover the perfect winter getaway on the sunny KZN South Coast

While it’s cold and wintry up-country, the South Coast offers you that endless summer feeling.

BEACH holidays really are where it’s at and the South Coast offers the perfect vacation spot with wide, sandy beaches and warm, inviting waters, all year round.

No matter what your heart desires, whether it’s fun, excitement or just relaxing on the beach, this seaside paradise promises more than enough to keep you and your family entertained so you can have the best holiday ever.

Change it up this year. Discover all the fantastic holiday activities this piece of paradise has to offer.

Get back to nature and witness all the wonderful bird and marine life that make this such a special place. Paddle upstream along estuaries and lagoons to explore the indigenous flora and fauna.

Go fishing, body board, surf or frolic in the waves, add some thrills with a shark cage dive or scuba diving at some of the top shark dive sites or even explore a shipwreck or two.

If the kids get bored, take them along to watch the crocodiles at feeding time or even enjoy some great family fun at a go-karting track.
Travel along the coast to find a host of fantastic activities such as walking among butterflies; go quad biking; ride biking trails or even try your hand at paintball. More exciting are the wild water slides in Port Edward that will definitely keep you coming back for more.

When it comes to enjoying delicious meals, this is definitely the land of plenty, a place where you can treat the family to something different every night, all the way from Hibberdene right down to Port Edward.

For plenty of thrills and excitement, travel inland to the scenic and majestic Oribi Gorge. You could take a leisurely drive, glide along on the zipline through the rocky gorge, or experience a heart-racing adrenaline rush by jumping off one of the highest gorge swings in the world –  and get the certificate to prove it!

It’s definitely a voyage of discovery. The South Coast is fast earning the reputation of being a fantastic ‘adventure hotspot’. Just the type of holiday you’ve hankered for all year long.


Winter is the time of year when everyone waits with bated breath for the arrival of the sardines. This is when the ocean erupts with the frenzied spectacle of dolphins, predator fish and thousands of sea birds feeding off this ocean bounty. It’s a sight to behold … as the shoals beach, people rush into the waves, scooping up the silvery feast with their skirts and shirts or any container they can get their hands on.
Just in case the little silver fish arrive – and we are always hopeful – here is a delicious, simple sardine recipe for you to prepare over the fire… so you can also be part of this famous fishy feast.

1 Season the sardines generously with salt and keep in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Sardines for grilling are not gutted.
2 Place the sardines on a griddle and put on the fire as low down as possible but not too hot though.
3 Grill roughly five minutes on each side. Sardines should have a nice char-grilled finish but not be overcooked.
4 Serve with buttered bread or boiled potatoes, with a salad of grill-seared peppers, tomato and onion drizzled with oil, vinegar and salt.

IMAGE CREDIT: South Coast Herald

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